Junior Mints are bite-sized candies consisting of a mint filling that has been coated in a dark chocolate shell. Junior Mints are currently being produced by Tootsie Roll Industries.


There are multiple variations to Junior Mints, mostly related to the type of filling inside. Junior Caramels have a caramel center that is coated in milk chocolate. There have also been many limited edition flavors, such as the "Inside Outs" which had a mint-chocolate filling with a white chocolate shell. Other limited edition Junior Mints include Valentine's Day themed Junior Mints, Easter Pastels, Senior Mints, Christmas edition, which featured red and green fillings, and Christmas Peppermint Crunch edition, which had crunchy peppermint flakes in the chocolate shell. Junior Mints are sold in all different sizes from the fun-size boxes to the movie theater-size boxes, since the product continues to sell well in movie theaters.