The Heath Bar is a candy bar produced by Hershey. It consists of a toffee center coated in chocolate. Heath bars have been used in many different snacks, most often appearing as a mix-in with ice cream.


Variations on the traditional Heath bar include Heath Milk Chocolate with Peanuts, Heath Milk Chocolate Toffee Crunch, Heath Milk Chocolate with Natural Cereal and Raisins, and the double Heath bar. In the 1980s, a Heath Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich appeared, along with a soft serve ice cream called Heath Soft 'n Crunchy.

Heath Bar has found its way into other snacks include Archway Cookies' Heath Cookie, Heath Bar Klondike bars, Baskin-Robbins' Heath Bar Shake and the Dairy Queen Heath Bar Blizzard Treat as well as Heath Bar flavored varieties of ice cream with a coffee or vanilla ice-cream base, such as Ben and Jerry's Heath Bar Crunch.